My name is Tejianna Saxton I am 25 years of age. I was bored and raised in Mayfield, Kentucky.  I am a single mother of one. I am a blessed mother of my little handsome two year old son Giovanni Jones. I am also a recent graduate and alumni of Spalding University. I graduated January 21, 2021 with my BSN (Nursing) and BA of Psychology. I currently work PRN (as needed)  helping older adults ranging from dementia and other chronic diseases. I am the current reigning Ms. Black Kentucky International Ambassador under my sisterhood pageant system MBIA (Miss Black International Ambassador). With being a full time single mother, full time college student, and a reigning queen, I am also an active change agent and advocate for many things. The Creator spoke to me two years ago to create something I can relate to or something that meant so much to me. I grounded my own foundation, New Beginning and Blessings In A Baby Basket, where I use gently used or new clothes that my son can’t fit anymore and I also purchase essential items for little ones such as walkers, baby shampoo/body wash, pacifiers, wash clothes, bottles, etc. I believe when being a SERVANT of The Creator you are called to make something bigger than yourself.  You are gifted to do your PURPOSE which then becomes your PASSION. I started  this foundation to be that village that many single mothers may not have. I also love to travel the world with my son and vlog our trips. We have been to two international countries and many places stateside plus U.S. territory islands. I represent the Lady In Green because I know how it feels to be shaken to your core but I never let my storms interfere with my work that The Creator has designed me to do. 

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